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Mini Jump Start Plan with Weight & Inches

Mini Jump Start Plan with Weight & Inches

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Mini Jump Start with Weight & Inches

Transform your body with our Mini Jump Start program! This comprehensive package includes a an eating plan, nutrition guide, that targets weight loss and body measurement reduction. Jump into a healthier, happier you today!

Classic Mini Jump Start w Weight & Inches Shakes Choose Flavor Below

Dr. Clark’s “Mini Jump Start” Plan (2 Weeks) Whether you are giving yourself a fresh start, getting back on track or breaking a plateau, this 2 week plan is a great way to re-focus and see immediate results. This may be all you need to “get going” and feel in control

You will find this plan simple, convenient and easy to follow because all you do is incorporate 3 balanced meal replacement shakes with one main meal each day.

Consider adding the Essential Weight Loss Vitamins: Multi Vitamin, B Complex, Mag-Potassium, EFA's. See Essential Weight Loss Vitamin Pack

Dr. Clark’s “Mini Jump Start” Plan Includes: Dr. Clark’s “Mini Jump Start” Diet Plan 6 Boxes/42 Shakes Weight & Inches Meal Replacement Shakes

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