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After the Jump Start Guide

After the Jump Start Guide

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After the Jump Start Guide

The After the Jump Start Guide is the ultimate resource for anyone looking to excel in their weight loss. With habit changing instructions and expert tips, this guide will help you reach your weight loss goals and exceed your expectations. Get ready to take your health  to the next level with the After the Jump Start Guide!

Congratulations on completing Dr. Clark’s 2-Week Jump Start Program! You have already demonstrated your dedication to success. Now it is time to figure out how to continue your healthier way of eating without feeling deprived long-term rather than thinking of this as a “diet” that is short term.

You should be very proud of yourself and your commitment to losing weight and improving your health. We realize that the past two weeks might not have been easy but you have demonstrated great control and your 5-25 pound weight loss should feel great! Who doesn’t enjoy more energy and better fitting clothes? Now that you have lost weight and “jump started” your path to improved health, don’t stop now. You are 14 days closer to your goal and we want to help you meet or exceed your ultimate longer-term health goal(s) as well. We see success every day and we are thrilled to have you as a part of our weight loss family.

So where do you go from here? First of all, celebrate you! Celebrate in moderation if it includes food or better yet, celebrate your success with something non-food related like a new piece of clothing or manicure/pedicure if that suits your fancy. It’s all about you!Second, make a plan for your continued success and a manageable way of eating that fits with you and your lifestyle. To help you with this, we have developed this “After the Jump Start” guide. The information here can be followed indefinitely and customized to your likes/dislikes. Remember…it needs to be something YOU can live with for life. The plan includes two options – one that continues use of protein shakes for 2 meals/day and the other includes an easy-to-follow meal plan that includes per meal guidelines/choices along with delicious recipes that are simple to prepare.

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