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28 Day Plan with Weight & Inches

28 Day Plan with Weight & Inches

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28 Day Plan with Weight & Inches

Transform your body and mind in just 28 days with our comprehensive plan. Shed unwanted weight and inches while improving your overall health and wellness. This program is designed to optimize your results and maximize your potential. Take control of your health and reach your goals with our proven 28 Day Plan with Weight & Inches!

28 Day Weight Loss Plan ($450 Value) Lose weight – between 10-30 pounds!

28 Days of Meals & Meal Plans along with guidance & accountability. That's about $10/day or less than the cost of many fast-food meals!

This diet will help you...

• Lose weight, between 10 and 30 pounds

• Understand why you gained weight

• Stop the progression of diabetes, high blood pressure, & other co-morbidities.

• Boost your metabolism and turn on fat burning

• Prevent fatty liver disease and encourage liver regeneration

• Kick the sugar habit and diminish cravings

• Control your appetite

• Improve your A1c blood glucose levels

• Encourage daily health practices

• Understand how to manage your weight and improve your health for life!

Your Plan Includes:

Meal Plan Instructions (3 shakes/day & 1 Meal/day)

√ 12 boxes Weight & Inches

√ 1 B Complex Capsules - (Take 2-4 A Day)

√ 1 Bottle Chromate - (Take 1 Tablet 3 X’s A Day, With Food)

√ 2 Bottles Garcinia Cambogia - (Take 2 Capsules 20 Before Meal, 3 X’s A Day)

√ Less Waist More Life Book

√ 1 Year Subscription To Losing Weight USA (Link will be emailed)

√ The 21 Day Challenge (Link will be emailed)                                                  

√ Lose 15 - 30 Pounds in 28 Days (1100-1200 Calories Per Day) 

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